17 SECRETS you MUST know before your first African Hunting Safari

Make your First African Hunting Safari the most memorable adventure of your entire life!

Your First African Hunting Safari
  • Planning and preparing your gear, your travel arrangements and yourself.
  • Know exactly where to go in Africa and what species are available for you to hunt.
  • What common pitfalls to avoid and why being well prepared is the key behind successful hunts.
  • Find out what the industry experts consider to be the secrets of successful hunting in Africa.
  • Hiring a professional hunting guide versus going it alone.
  • All the costs associated with the travel, the hunting, the extras and acquiring a trophy.
  • These recommendations are intended not just for the beginner hunter but for the well seasoned hunter as well.
  • Along with much much more.!


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I cannot tell you how many times this document has saved me in the past. Its that old saying, Fail to plan, plan to fail….

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I recently took a hunting trip to Africa after saving money for the last three years. I got this eBook about a month before I left, and I can’t tell you how lucky am I to have stumbled across it. It saved me a lot of time, money and effort, and my hunt more enjoyable than I ever thought possible.

Dan Farrity, San Antonio, Texas

I haven’t got to hunt Africa yet, but I know that because of this book I’ll be one step ahead of other hunters (and hopefully the game).

Melvin Hamill, Boumemouth, UK

I showed up to my hunting party in Africa and found another guy in our group who had this book. Let’s just say he was infinitely more prepared for the terrain, the big game, and the country than I was.

Alec Kasdan, St Petersburg, Florida

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